More about High Desert Arts...

Did you know that in Santa Fe you have one of the top rated imaging studios for the photography and replication of artwork in the country?

At High Desert Arts, we use the best quality equipment available in the business today. We have the technical and creative skills to photograph and reproduce your artwork to museum standards and create for you stunningly accurate and beautiful reproductions on a variety of fine art archival papers or canvas.

Using an ultra high resolution camera to capture every detailed brush stroke we then work closely with the artist under calibrated light viewing conditions to achieve color and tonal accuracy that will meet or exceed the most discriminating artist, gallery or art buyer.

Once we are confident we have achieved the best possible capture, we burn you a DVD for you to keep on file, and print for you an 8.5"x11" proof print.

To continue with the process of creating museum quality work, we own the latest technology printers for use in fine art printing available today. Together with the skill, experience and creative eye it requires to get the best out of the printers we work with a variety of high quality archival media to end up with the absolute best reproduction of your artwork possible.

We work with every client individually and treat each step of the process with care and attention to detail. We are creative people and enjoy working with our clients in a way that promotes new ideas, methods and a collaborative atmosphere.

We are at our studio from 9:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, so please come visit or call us on 505 982 9875. We know you’ll be glad you found High Desert Arts.